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Hiring Me

My aim is to provide my clients with a friendly service and excellent quality photographs at a good price.
All my photographs are taken using high quality Canon cameras and Canon
professional L lenses and Lightroom 5.
I am available most weekends and can be contacted by the following methods:
Email : barrywelchphoto@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 0759 8132205 (after 8.00pm weekdays any time at the weekends)
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Barry.Welch.Photography


I can take photographs in your home or a park, no matter what the weather is like! Some of the best photographs are taken in the rain.
I have a background of taking photographs of big cats, wolfs and birds of prey and enjoy the challenge of working with animals! So, if you have a dog, cats, birds or anything else you may have (if you happen to have some big cats in your garden that's even better) I will be available to take photographs for you.


Max age 7 months
I can take photographs in your home; for example; at a birthday party or when the weather is nice at a park.
This is so your child will be more relaxed in familiar surroundings as I like to take informal photographs to capture the true personality of your child before they are all grown-up.

Cars and Motorbikes

1977 - Austin Mini Minus
If you own a car or motorbike and would like some quality photographs of it, or you are going motor racing or on a track day with the vehicle I can come and take photographs for you.
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